Barry Collier MP

In the few short years since I retired from public life, the Liberals have taken Miranda and the Shire for granted. They have just assumed that they can do what they like and the Shire will vote for them.

We have seen the closure of the world-class Cronulla Fisheries, the cuts to Miranda Fire Station services, an increase in beach pollution and the loss of teachers from Gymea TAFE.

It is quite clear that the people of Miranda have been let down by the Liberals and have not been getting the representation they deserve.

Mr Graham Annesley, the Liberal you elected as your State representative in 2011, just up and resigned to take up a more lucrative job in Queensland – simply because he didn’t like working as a MP.

Furthermore, we see the Liberal-controlled Council ignoring the concerns of Miranda and Shire residents. With this Council forcing through widespread re-zonings and doubling local building heights, overdevelopment is rearing its ugly head once again.

Overdevelopment will destroy our quality of life in the Shire for our children and grandchildren.

The O’Farrell Government’s new planning laws give residents little say – tipping the balance in favour of the big developers.

Residents cannot complain because Sutherland Shire Council has sacked the independent Shire Ombudsman.

With all of this happening on the Liberals’ watch, I just can’t sit back and see the great quality of life we enjoy here in the Shire being destroyed.

That’s why I’m putting up my hand again. We need a strong, experienced voice with a proven track record in State Parliament to speak up for the residents of Miranda and the Shire.

That’s why I’m standing up for the Shire.

We need also to send a message to the Liberal Government. To do that, I need your vote on Saturday, 19 October. 


Barry Collier
Member for Miranda



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